Apps Refund Policy

Claims are allowed within the first two months after the purchase date. The refund process is the following:

The customer can requests us for support using the dedicated chatter on his portal order page.
We teke 15 days starting this date to settle the claim, to fix the issue and/or to find an agreement.
If no agreement has been reached between us after 15 days, the customer should be refunded.
Every issue encountered by the customer in the two months after the purchase must be solved following the same process.

The customer will be refunded if one of the following criteria is met, and on the condition that he agrees not to use the application and to delete all of his copies:
The issue concerns a bug that has not been fixed within the allotted time;
The module is lacking a feature that is advertised on the app description page;
The module does not install properly on the advertised version;
The purchase is the result of a fraud or a stolen credit card.

The customer will not be refunded if one the following conditions is met:
The claim concerns a new feature, that was not advertised in the description of the module, nor in the communication with us;
The module works well, but is not satisfying the customer’s specific needs;
The database of the customer is hosted on an Odoo online instance;
The customer purchased the wrong version of the application for his database.